Game Development Services

I like helping out other indies; I offer playtesting feedback (with game design advice), game trailer recording/editing, and advice on marketing.

All indies need good playtesters. I'll play your game for at least an hour, and provide feedback (bugs, suggestions, general impression) for $5. I tend to give very detailed feedback, often a page or more. Here is an example of my feedback of the game Scoregasm by Charlie's Games (which is a game on Steam):

For now, please, Windows PC games only, not mobile games.

A lot of indies struggle with making trailers; they many not have the software or hardware required, or the knowledge of how to put them together. I'll record, edit, and create a simple trailer for your game for $50 (trailers will be approximately one to two minute trailers).

If you have a game near release or just released, and need marketing advice, I can offer direction. Often when an indie finishes a game, they don't know what to do next -- how to get it reviewed, how to get people to even look at the trailer, how to get people actually buying it. I'll help you market your game for 5% of the sales. PC games only here, as I have no experience marketing mobile apps.

If interested in any of the above, email me at On your request I can also provide to you examples of my feedback and trailers.

- Paul Eres