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Second Seeker (1996)

Second Seeker was one of my (Paul Eres's) early QBASIC games. It wasn't the first game I ever programmed, but it was one of the first, and the first ones are hardly playable. This one itself is hardly playable too, but at least it has some content to it. It's basically a typical dungeon crawl game, although its battle system did have an innovative twist: the damage you did on an enemy depended on the color of the pixels that your weapon hit on that enemy, and the number of those pixels. The game is unfinished.

Your Kingdoms (1996)

[Your] Kingdoms, also known as _____'s Kingdoms (the name of the game depends on the name of the player) is a very unfinished strategy game similar to Koei's empire-management NES games, like Nobunaga's Ambition. It's not very fun and doesn't make much sense, but I like it for the novelty value of naming the game itself after the player. I created it because at the time I was in love with the game Genghis Khan 2 for the Super Nintendo, although my game wasn't anywhere near as good.

Rhygar 1-3 (1997, 1998)

The Rhygar series was created by Jeanne Thornton for the ZZT game engine, and they're pretty good adventure games as ZZT games go. I never finished any of them yet, but I intend to, and I do like all the work that went into them. They're certainly far better than the two games above.

And& (2000)

And& was my first Ohrrpgce game, a very short RPG, and like many of the games on this list, it was created for a 48-hour game-making contest. I still like this game's high difficulty level and battle balance, and the game is still pretty fun to play. I still have fond memories of staying up 2 days in a row without a single wink of sleep, just trying to pack in more stuff into this game. It was great.

The Last Job (2001)

The Last Job, by Kevin Loan (Charbile) is a short story in the form of a game, created for the 2001 Ohrrpgce 48-hour contest. It's quite immersive, and it's still one of my favorite Ohrrpgce games. Charbile is known for putting a lot of philosophical text in his games, as you likely know if you've played Sword of Jade, and this game is no exception; it examines the question of nihilism, and whether life is worth living or not.

Harlock and Rinku's Game which Includes the Game "Bill's Never Go West" (2001)

Also known as HaRGwItGBNGW for short. By Kenneth Whitehead (HarlockHero) and Paul Eres (RinkuHero). Who is Bill? And, why doesn't he want you to go west!? Also created for the 2001 Ohrrpgce 48-hour contest, Never Go West is a surreal game about how arbitrary decisions can have terrible, far-reaching, and unpredictable consequences. It was based on a dream, and it uses mainly public domain national anthems as music.

Rulers of the Seven Wonders (2001)

By Kelly Lea Harris (Komera) and Paul Eres (RinkuHero). Also created for the 2001 Ohrrpgce 48-hour contest (yes, I entered two games to the same contest). It's an interesting experiment with the Ohrrpgce's battle system, involving all major decisions being *outside* of the battle system, and automatic battles based on how you equip the characters. It's kind of like a puzzle game disguised as an RPG.

Tilde and the Mask of :P (2001)

By Paul Eres (RinkuHero) and Kenneth Whitehead (HarlockHero). This unfinished game was created for a Christmas Ohrrpgce contest, and is a RPG about a genetically-created elf rebelling against an evil robotic Santa Claus and the mysterious Mr. Strand, and takes place in the future. I liked the story so much I plan on turning it into a novel one day.

Motherland (2003)

The first released (but unfinished) Ohrrpgce game by Hardi Gosal (Orchard-L) isn't finished and isn't anywhere near as good as his later games, but it's still quite interested and included for historic reasons. His wonderful pixel-art techniques were fairly undeveloped in this game, it's amazing to compare the difference between the art in this game and in his later games like Missing, Boundless Ocean, and Saturated Dreamers.

Knight of the Ages (2003)

This game by Paul Eres (RinkuHero) and Adam Perry (Moogle1) was also created for a time-limited Ohrrpgce contest, and is interesting only in that (I believe) it was the first Ohrrpgce game ever to have "summoned monsters" in it, which for that engine was an achievement at the time. It also led to an idea for a spiritual sequel which I may one day created, called Alterpoint / Kinder der Alter.

Purgatory (2003)

Purgatory by Hardi Gosal (Orchard-L) was his second Ohrrpgce game and his first completed one, and still stands today as one of the best horror-themed Ohrrpgce games (along with his other game, Missing). In it, you play as a high school student whose class was suddenly sucked into the underworld. This game began a long cooperation between Setu Firestorm's music in games by Hardi Gosal.

The Fox and the Eight-Six (2004)

By Kevin Loan (Charbile) and Alexander Santos (Hachi-Roku), created for another 48-hour Ohrrpgce contest, this game is a surreal puzzle set in a world based several on the characters and events of Aesop's fables. I like its colorful graphics and the way the trees sway left and right. Its inventory system is a bit tricky to use, though.

City of Dreams (2004)

By Hardi Gosal (Orchard-L), this game marked the first time Orchard-L made a pure adventure game in the Ohrrpgce, with none of the RPG-style battles the Ohrrpgce is known for. It's quite a sentimental game, and like Boundless Ocean, set in a surreal setting. The portrait art in this game is extremely well done, although the puzzles of this game are some of the most difficult I've ever seen, so I never finished it myself (I still intend to).

Toothpick Tycoon (2005)

By Long Dao (LongeBane), this game is a humorous game about being a business tycoon selling toothpicks. You have to avoid pidgeon poop too. I'm not exactly sure how to play it well, since Long's ways are mysterious, but perhaps you will have better luck than me? I suspect the basic idea is to just make fun of the whole "_____ tycoon" game genre. It does have some nice music though (since Long is primarily a musician).

Wingedmene - Part One (2005)

By Kelly Lea Harris (Komera) and Paul Eres (RinkuHero), this is a traditional fantasy RPG with a lovely setting and story based on a fictional universe created by Kelly since her childhood. Even though it's unfinished, it has a good amount of gameplay, over 15 hours. Of all the games I've ever worked on, I worked on this one for the longest period, and probably worked on the hardest, spanning between 1999 and the present. I pretty much learned most of what I know about game design mainly through making this game.

The Myth of Sisyphus (2007)

By Kenneth Whitehead, Gilbert Smith, and Robin Pearson, this game is much like the myth: you can only do one thing. Can you find happiness in pushing a rock up a hill, forever? Can anyone? This game is interesting in that every single button -- even the escape key -- pushes the boulder up the cliff. There is no way to do anything else. Good background reading is Camus's essay by the same name.

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