Game Development Services

I offer playtesting feedback (with game design advice), game trailer recording/editing, and advice on marketing.

Playtesting: $15 per hour session
All indies need good playtesters. I'll play your game for at least an hour, and provide feedback (bugs, suggestions, general impression) for $15. I tend to give very detailed feedback, often a page or more. Here is an example of my feedback of the game Scoregasm by Charlie's Games (which is a game on Steam):

Trailers: $250 for simple trailer
A lot of indies struggle with making trailers; they many not have the software or hardware required, or the knowledge of how to put them together. I'll record, edit, and create a simple trailer for your game for $250 (trailers will be approximately one to two minute trailers).

Marketing: $50 for personalized marketing advice
If you have a game near release or just released, and need marketing advice, I can offer direction. Often when an indie finishes a game, they don't know what to do next -- how to get it reviewed, how to get people to even look at the trailer, how to get people actually buying it. I can look over your game and its situation and provide personalized marketing advice for $50. PC games only here, I have no experience marketing mobile apps so PC games are what I specialize in.

I like helping out other indies -- for example, for years (since the year 2002) I've volunteered my time writing articles for indie game review sites such as Tigsource,, Playthisthing, and my own Ohrrpgce-engine review site Reasonably Septaweekly (where I also wrote a book-length article on making games, though it's from 15 years ago and very dated: I also write a tumblr with random "Indie Game Lore" (, which often focuses on the marketing aspects of running an Indie game business, which I have run one of my own of for 11 years. I enjoy doing it and building connections with other indies through this, as time allows.

I have created about 14 indie games, my first in 1995 in QBASIC. My most well-known is probably Immortal Defense (, which was released in 2007 and was one of the first commercial Game Maker games, as well as one of the first Tower Defense games with a story. Another game I've been working on for quite a while is Saturated Dreamers (, due to launch in 2018.

I've playtested Minecraft (which I also named:, and Spelunky (, as well as the aforementioned Scoregasm, and too many other games to list or name.

Contact Info
If interested in any of the above, email me at (that is also my PayPal address). On your request I can also provide to you examples of my feedback and trailers. I reserve the right to refuse any such request due to lack of time or interest. I also prefer to work with small or new indies, especially people working with teams of 1-3 working on their first or second game, not established indie game companies or publishers. If you'd prefer to talk directly, you can reach me on Facebook / Facebook messenger here:

- Paul Eres